Youth are of course welcome to RFSL Uppsala, but there is also a RFSL Ungdom Uppsala (RFSL Youth Uppsala) district and the municipality’s initiative Café Colorful:

RFSL Ungdom Uppsala

RFSL Ungdom Uppsala, previously S.A.G.A (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance), is an organisation by and for LGBTQ youth. The district have meetups every other Sundays (even weeks) at 13:00-18:00 at Brantingsgården.

Café Colorful

Café Colurful, Grand’s LGBTQ themed days, is meetups at the café on the top floor between 17-22 several times a year. See their website by clicking the headline for more information.

Call 018-727 51 83 if the door at Grand is closed and you need to be let in!




Asylum law, newcomers, and counseling

Bazanye Jurisbyrå

Offers free counseling in asylum and immigration topics for you who need or already have an officer with Migrationsverket.



Health, sex education, and training

RFSU Uppsala

The federation for sex education, Uppsala



Trans- topics, competence, and support

Uppsala Tjej- och Transjour

Offers support through chat, mail, and questionnaire:

  • To us you who are a girl (cis or trans) or young transperson turn to if you want to talk about something, anything. If you’re happy, sad, angry, wondering or if you’ve been exposed to something. No problem is too large or too small. We are all girls (cis or trans) and young transgender people and we are here to listen to you and take you seriously. Because we want, and because we know it’s nice to talk to someone sometimes. You can be anonymous if you want and we who answer are bound by confidentiality. You can chat with us, write to our questionnaire, or book a personal meeting.


The trans organisation FPES: Full Personality Expression Sweden


The page where RFSL Ungdom puts trans and gender identity in focus



Other organisations of interest

  • QX  – “The largest Gaysite in Sweden” – community, dating, and news
  • Stockholm Pride – Non profit organisation behind the capitals yearly Pride festival
  • QueerNördarna – Queer & Nerdy Uppsalas sibling organisation, with meet ups even weeks