The “Gode Män” network


The "Gode Män" Network is currently inactive. Do you want to start it up again? Contact us at!

Our Mission:

With this group, RFSL Uppsala wants to support LGBTQ+ persons* who want to become legal guardians and legal guardians who seek support with LGBTQ-related questions, e.g.


My client is lesbian and complains about living in an elderly home without any other queer persons and the personnel does not have LGBTQ competence. How can I support her in the best way?




My refugee child has recently started to dress more and more androgenic and is bullied for that in school. What to do?


It is often you as legal guardian that the client trusts and you can be an extremely important support for a person that is for example trans, bi or gay and thus outside of society’s norms.

We will use this group as a forum for discussion and also meet once a month at RFSLs offices in Uppsala. You can also join us through RFSL Uppsala’s Gode Män nätverket facebook group, or via email at