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LGBTQ+&U is a group where we explore our own identities together, and a place to collect tools and share experiences in search of our sexual, romantic and gender identities. The idea is to be a refuge from the pressure society puts on LGBTQIA+ people to be "sure" in order to deserve respect and basic rights. In this group one is allowed to be confused, unsure or simply not know. The most important rule is to not question someone else's identity or experiences, as this group is for exploration of one's own identity only. The hope is that this group will help destigmatise the fact that gender and sexuality can be fluid and that that can take time to find one's identity.

Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of how they currently identify. This includes those who do not currently identify as LGBTQIA+, those considering detransitioning, those who have no idea how to identify and those who have found their identity and want to share their experiences getting there. Welcome!

Time and place

The group meets every fourth Friday at 19-21 in our spaces at Ljusbärargatan 2, floor 3. For schedule see Facebook or Discord.

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