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Since the new year (january 2019) the LGBTQ psychologist practice has been closed, due to an (absence of) decision regarding it's continuation by Region Uppsala. Please take a moment to read and sign our petition to help us pressure the politicians to re-open this critical resource!

Sign RFSL Uppsala’s petition to save the  LGBTQ psychologist practice

The following text presented the practice when it was still open:



We are proud to offer LGBTQ+ competent psychological support and treatment – Uppsala LGBTQ psychologist reception! Sweden’s first publicly funded psychologist reception with LGBTQ+ focus.

The practice is run by our own licensed psychologist Mia-Mari Stråle who, in addition to the LGBTQ+ competence, has special knowledge about neuropsychiatric states and psychological research. In 2018, the practice will be developed in collaboration with Maria Kindstedt, a licensed psychologist and specialist in LGBTQ issues in psychiatry.

Visits are free of charge and we receive all ages.

Maria Kindstedt and Mia-Mari Stråle are now available for sessions, bookable down below or at this link. If there is no sessions bookable when you are looking, use the contact function at this link to express interest, and you will be contacted when there is a time slot available and it is your turn in the queue.

The practice is located in RFSL:s premises at Ljusbärargatan 2 in Uppsala.