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WelcomeOUTis a pride festival for newly arrived. The festival is organised by asylum seekers, the newly arrives, and people with an international background that all have some connection to Uppsala, and is part of a three-year civic engagement project led by the Newcomers group in Uppsala which started in 2016.

The festival is entirely non-profit, politically and religiously unaffiliated, and takes place in central Uppsala the weekend around the 15th of September every year.

Uppsala Pride – WelcomeOUT

The festival will be held the 20-22nd of September. More information about the festival you can find here closer to the festival date, but already now you can join us and participate!


The programme is under development, but similarly to previous years the programme will specifically focus on Newcomers and Uppsala.

If you represent an NGO or an organisation that stands for LGBTQ people’s rights and want to promote newly arrived’s integration in civic society you are welcome to contact us and we will find ways for you to participate!


The parade Sunday the 22nd is as earlier a place for individuals to show their commitment to LGBTQ issues and work for equal rights for all. It’s designed to show the importance of individual decisiveness.

NGO:s, sports clubs, organisations, political parties, etc. are more than welcome to participate, if all representatives walks as individuals and follow our dress code,

Dress code: participants are not allowed to be dressed in a joint uniform (uniform, match sweater, logotype, etc.) or show slogans, unless approved by the organisers. The decision will be founded in whether or not LGBTQI issues are in center for the organisation or message in the clothing/text. 


Contact us at welcomeout@uppsala.rfsl.se if you want to know more.

You can also find the festival at Facebook:
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Earlier Years

The 2008 – 2012 Festivals 

The first Uppsala Pride was organized in 2008 by a local network with left-wing ideology. In 2012 the festival was dropped. RFSL Uppsala recognised 2016 the need for a new pride festival in Uppsala, creating a platform that was politically and religiously unobtrusive, and which would lift the voices of newly arrived LGBTQI people and promote integration into society.

The 2016 festival

The new start was a colossal success, with around 600 visitors attending the program of lectures, seminars, discussion groups and other activities spanning two days. The third day featured a Pride parade attended by close to a thousand people marching through central Uppsala, finishing with a picnic in the central park. The reception has been very positive, with both the municipality and city rallying behind the festival with grants and logistical help. There was also a large media presence, with reportage in local newspapers like UNT and Uppsalatidningen, national media such as SVT and Sveriges Radio, and even internationally in VICE magazine.

The 2017 festival 

The year after drew even bigger crowds, with over 800 visitors. The parade had around 1000 persons attend. The concluding Pride Picnic in the city park was well attended, and featured live music by Uppsala Jungle, a bouncy castle, and food trucks. As usual the project ended with a festival evaluation, and the organisation committee started the preparations for the 2018 festival.

The 2018 festival 

Information about the festival in 2018 will be written shortly.


Photos from WelcomeOUT 2016, September 16-18:


Glada skratt på Pridepicknicken

Gemenskap på Pridepicknicken

Gemenskap på Pridepicknicken

Stolt på Pridepicknicken

Gemenskap och skratt på Pridepicknicken