Education and School Information

At the moment, the opportunity for lectures and workshops is low as the number of educators in the organization has descended over a few years. We hope to increase that opportunity in the future to enhance and spread knowledge about LGBTQI and norm criticism.

RFSL Uppsala offers lectures and workshops within LGBTQI and norms. The educations bring up different sexual orientations and gender identities, norms, how norms work, and how norms affekt people anchored in your activities. We also clarify different terms used when talking about LGBTQI, go through queer history and inform about RFSL and our activities. Of course we also answer questions and discuss norms and identity together with you.


School Information:

The programme is mostly aimed towards students in 7–9th grade, and high school students.

In the course a review and question time is included where we answer the students questions and together discuss questions regarding norms and identity. If it is something you as a school/teacher want to give some extra focus, we are willing to help you highlight it within our knowledge areas.


One course is 90 minutes

  • One course – 1 950 kronor
  • Two courses – 3 800 kronor
  • Three courses  – 4 700 kronor
  • Four courses – 6 000 kronor

The volume discount also applies for courses spread out during the academic year, as long as they are booked at the same occasion.

Moms are not added to the cost as the school information educations is momsfri.


We will after a completed lecture send a form to see what you liked about our visits as a way to give feedback to future lectures. You are of course welcome to contact us if you have questions or thoughts afterwards.

The information is held per class. The students should feel as comfortable as possible and therefore we do not want mixed groups.



Other Education:

RFSL Uppsala also develops tailored educations for companies and organisations, for example staff trainings. The costs depend on the needs; please contact us below for more information.

For LGBTQ-certification, see the federation website.




Contact us through email for booking and we will get back to you. Feel free to contact us also for any questions!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
The Education Unit of RFSL Uppsala