Queer and Nerdy

“QueerNördarna” is an organisation for LGBTQ people identifying also as nerds. The organisation arranges the events "Queer and Nerdy" in Stockholm. Since the nerd culture is very heteronormative and many has a hard time feeling accepted in most of the larger nerd groups we have, in collaboration with QueerNördarna in Stockholm, started this initiative in RFSL Uppsala as well.

Alienation is common for people who identify themselves as geeks; Queer and Nerdy want to be a "safe-space" where they can be the ones they are without feeling outside like LGBTQ people or as nerds. This is also a place where people can explore more about nerd areas together with others but also be able to develop your own games that are more LGBTQ oriented.

Time and place

The group meets on every 4th Saturday at 12:00,  at the RFSL Uppsala offices. See our calendar for more information.


Email: queerandnerdy@uppsala.rfsl.se
Public Facebook group Discord server

Our groups are held in partnership with Studiefrämjandet.