Asylum and legal advice

In co-oparation with Bazanye Jurisbyrå, RFSL Uppsala can offer free legal advice to LGBTQI asylum seekers, their families, and friends. If you have questions or worries about your migration process or asylum application, come to our legal advice drop-in and we will try to help you. We can also offer a public counsel. 

Patrick Bazanye is one of Swedens most respected and knowledgable asylum case lawyers specialising in LGBTQI cases, with many years of experience and hundreds of completed cases.

The meetings are in English or Swedish. If you need a translator, contact us before hand and we will try to arrange a volunteer to be present that speaks your language. Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to supply professional translators.

  • free legal advice
  • free introductory meeting


  • Option to get free legal advice and introductory meetings

Public Counsel:

If you are an asylum seeker you can chose either one of these to be your legal counsel:

Patrick Bazanye,, +46 76 313 56 33

Aino Gröndahl,, +46 76 165 66 12