Board member

As a board member, you are a jack-of-all-trade within the board. Your ideas and your support for others on the board and the drive to implement the board’s projects make you a key person.

Board members participate in the projects that the board has received from the organization or you can come up with ideas for projects and be the driving force in them. You have less responsibility within the association but there is an expectation for you to be involved in the organization’s and the board’s projects and tasks.

RFSL Uppsala needs one of the board members to take on the responsibility of working with the NewComers group within the organization.

RFSL Uppsala is looking for a board member or substitute with a PR interest to contribute with their  knowledge in the organization. You will be responsible for communicating via Instagram, Facebook, the webpage and via newsletter to members and other interested parties. 

RFSL Uppsala is also looking for a board member or substitute with event organizational skills to be able to contribute with experience to be able to create events during the next year in the organization.