The substitute’s task is a reserve in case of absence at decision-making meetings within the board. Apart from this, the work is very similar to the duties of board members. As you have fewer areas of responsibility, substitute is the perfect role for those who want to try out board work. You are expected to participate in meetings, to be involved in workgroups and projects within the board’s assignments or chosen tasks.

Even if you have fewer responsibilities, that doesn’t mean your role is less important. The substitute is important as you become a security for the rest of the board. Your participation in relieving the responsibilities from others on the board, helping with your suggestions and being a resource at the core of the organization’s activities.

RFSL Uppsala is looking for a board member or substitute with a PR interest to contribute with their  knowledge in the organization. You will be responsible for communicating via Instagram, Facebook, the webpage and via newsletter to members and other interested parties. 

RFSL Uppsala is also looking for a member or substitute with event organizational skills to be able to contribute with experience to be able to create events during the next year in the organization.