As the chairperson, you lead the board’s work through your role as the spider in the web with a good overview of the organization’s internal and external work. The chairperson delegates tasks within the board and engages both the board and volunteers to promote a strong and engaged organization.

The chairperson’s responsibility is to convene board meetings, participate in or delegate meetings with the national federation and other branches of RFSL, and to lead the board’s work in line with the will of the members. As chairperson, you also have an employer’s responsibility towards employees within RFSL Uppsala.

As you have a lot of responsibility, there are also great opportunities. What you get is an opportunity to get involved in Uppsala’s Queer community. You will be a key person in the development of LGBTQ+ people in Uppsala and the surrounding area. And you work in the center of the organization!

Are you our new chairperson?