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RFSL Uppsala

RFSL Uppsala is the local chapter of RFSL, The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights.

Our focus is to support LGBTQ people in Uppsala by offering a place for them to find community and friendship, and by supporting those that need our help. Our groups and initiatives train member’s leadership skills, give a structure for engaging in local political matters, and offer an education in diversity and sexual health.

Annual Meeting 2023

RFSL Uppsala calls all members to the annual meeting 2023. The annual meeting is the association's highest deciding organ. This…


The board
Chairperson: Ceres Haglund
Treasurer: Chris Brennan
Board members: Ece Karakas
Meytar Bialogorsky
Board substitute: Patrick Bazanye

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Our offices

Visiting Adress:
Portalgatan 2b, plan 3,
754 23 Uppsala.
Regular Opening Hours:
Office hours: wed-thu 13:00-17:00
Drop-in fika: every thu 18:00-21:00
E-mail: uppsala@rfsl.se
Telephone:  070-038 33 30


(Swedish) Avdelningsstadgarna antogs vid RFSL:s kongress 11-13 maj 2018. De gäller för alla avdelningar och deras verksamheter, och ska gälla för alla föreningar som ansluter sig till förbundet RFSL.

Punkt §7.2.1 antogs på ett extra årsmöte av medlemmarna i RFSL Uppsala 2017-07-30.


RFSL Uppsala has existed under various names since at least 1970.

The contained articles were first published in a publication for RFSL Uppsalas 25-year anniversary in 1995, titled “Agda. The true story”. In them you can read about how it all started – the texts are published in the original Swedish.