Election of trustees 2024


It is time to nominate for positions of trust in the board of RFSL Uppsala 2024! 

Send your nomination to valberedningen@uppsala.rfsl.se by 17-03-2024 with your name, pronoun, contact information and what makes you excited about Uppsala’s queer community!

The board makes all activities in the organization possible and cares for Uppsala’s queer community. Together this team transforms the organization’s goals and values into practice and supports our members in their work with their causes of interest. The board ties together political issues and societal needs with real, practical application. 

Broadly, RFSL Uppsala’s activities have three categories:

  • The supportive activities give practical help to Uppsala’s queer community by offering e.g. advice regarding asylum law to queer refugees or safe spaces where people can air their thoughts on their life, identity and needs. 
  • The social activities create spaces where people can spend time and be comfortable without needing to hide your identity to meet people who share your interests. 
  • The outwards facing activities fight to improve conditions for queer people in Uppsala by speaking to the public. We offer education on several subjects to schools and corporations, drive political debate and monitor the work done in this field by the municipality. 

The board consists of all different kinds of people, from experienced veterans to excited beginners. No previous experience is required. As new to the board you will get a thorough education on how RFSL works, what a board does, where to find information, who to call if you have questions, which tools you have at your disposal, where all the money comes from and how to handle them. You will also get an opportunity to get to know your new friends from the rest of the board and organization. 

The posts open for nominations are found in the menu on the left where you can find more information on each specific post. You can nominate yourself or someone you know to one or several posts by emailing the electoral committee at valberedningen@uppsala.rfsl.se. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have. The nominated person must be a member of RFSL Uppsala at the start of the annual meeting. 


More information about the roles: