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The venue

The visiting address for RFSL Uppsala is Ljusbärargatan 2, Uppsala.

We rent our venue from Studjefrämjandet at the 3rd floor. The venues is wheelchair accessible and has elevators. When you get to the 3rd floor you will find our venues to the left in the hallway after the red glass doors.

OBS: The area around Ljusbärargatan, Portalgatan, and Torngatan is being rebuilt with new buildings, and roads are remade and renamed. This means most maps are not up to date. To find the right place, we recommend Google Maps. To find us with the GPS you can use the coordinates “59.865958, 17.637285”.

Area description

RFSL Uppsala is in the red brick building at Råbyvägen, just by the railway tracks, around 200m East from the police station. The building is often called “the Tower”, based on its special middle part in steel. The facade has light up signs for Riksbyggen, Studiefrämjandet, Art Clinic, and more.

Below are some orienting pictures of the building to easier find it:

Travel here


The train will take you to the central station. You can walk directly from there north-west along the pedestrian road next to the tracks (~15 min), or take a buss to make the walk shorter.

Click the image below to get to an interactive map to plan your trip.

Översiktskarta av RFSL Uppsala på Ljusbärargatan 2, Uppsala


Several bus lines make stops nearby.

If you are using Travel Information, put Ljusbärargatan 2 Kvarngärdet as the final destination.

What bus stop is the most comfortable for you depends on where you travel from. Skolgatan, Portalgatan, and Väderkvarnsgatan bus stops are good alternatives.

Skolgatan bus stops are visited by the busses 5, 8, 10, 100, 104, 111, 115, 804, 844, 848, and more – then you walk underneath both railway tracks and left over the walking bridge over the big road Råbyvägen. The red brick house on the other side with the Studjefrämjandet sign is our venues – main entrance on the other side. It’s about 300m to walk from the bus stop, no stairs. At the bottom of the page you will find a picture of the walking way from the bus stop Skolgatan, at the north end of Kungsgatan.

Portalgatan bus stop is used by line 1 and 2.

Väderkvarnsgatan bus stop is used by line 2, 3 och 30.

Översiktskarta av gångväåg från busshållplatsenm Skolgatan till RFSL Uppsala på Portalgatan 2B, Uppsala

Come visit our LGBT+ center on Ljusbärargatan 2, Uppsala!
Please note that the old adress “Portalgatan 2B” is now in use by a new residential building on the north end of the block. RFSL Uppsala is in the red brick building closest to the big road Råbyvägen.

The building has the Studiefrämjandet logo on the front, from whom we rent our office space. It’s the building just right of the railway tracks, beside a new residential area still being built. Your maps may have problems with the address since it is new. Try entering “Ljusbärargatan 2” or “Portalgatan 2B” or “Torngatan 28” in order to get close to the building, or try the coordinates “59.865958, 17.637285”.

Our office is on level 3, and then left down the corridor once you pass through the red glass doors and reception we share with Studiefrämjandet.

Below are some pictures as well as a map of the area.